Leadership LaGrange County

Leadership LaGrange County (LLC) is returning with a mission to identify, train, prepare and inspire community engagement, economic development, and economic growth in LaGrange County communities. LLC is open to individuals living and working in LaGrange County, Indiana who have demonstrated their interest and resources to embrace and promote LaGrange County communities through civic and economic engagement and personal servant leadership. Participants are selected based on their application by a blind selection committee of individuals from a previous generation of the LaGrange County leadership development program. Admission is competitive and each class will be representative of the rich fabric and diversity of our communities. A special emphasis of LLC is a focus on economic development, education, place-making, and community history while learning the specific skills of leadership. It is important that applicants have the support of their employers or sponsoring organizations due to the commitment of time and devotion to Community Action Projects.

Applicants must complete the application, include a resume if possible and sign the media and production release form. A separate authorization for medical waiver and treatment form in the event of a medical emergency will be provided at Session One of the program. Applicants are required to provide a minimum of one Reference Form or letter of recommendation with the application.

Participants must attend all 4 leadership development sessions to receive their certificate of completion at the end of the program.

ELIGIBILITY – LLC is open to individuals living and working in LaGrange County who can or have the potential to demonstrate the following: the ability to achieve personal goals, availability of time and resources to commit to community service and a personal commitment to the greater good of society and LaGrange County.

LaGrange County Leadership 2021 Application

Leadership LaGrange County Reference Form

Please contact Sherri Johnston with any questions.

sjohnston@lagrangecountyedc.com (260) 499-4994


Session One: Becoming a 21st Century Leader – October 27, 2021

•   Servant Leadership

•   Trust Building; Ethics, Integrity, Humility

•   Understanding Learning Styles Assessment

•   Transformational VS Transactional Leadership and Community Visioning

Servant Leadership Assignment

Distribute Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Books, Travis Bradberry & Jean Graves with passcode


Session Two: Team Building and Emotional Intelligence – November 3, 2021

•   Review Servant Leadership Assignment

•   Skill Focus: Team Building and Emotional Intelligence

•   Assessment: Conflict Management

Panel Discussion

•   LaGrange County History (LaGrange County Historical Society)

•   Health Services in LaGrange County (PLH)

* Homework: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Reading (If not read already)

Distribute “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek

Session Three: Collaborative Leadership and Communication – November 10, 2021

•   Discussion of Emotional Intelligence Homework and Personal Observations

•   Skill: Collaborative Leadership and Communication

Panel Discussion

•   LaGrange County Government; County Commissioner Terry Martin

•   Economic Development, Bill Bradley

•   K-12 Education, LaGrange County, Dr. Greg Baker, Lakeland; Randy Miller, Westview;  Prairie Heights, Jeff Reed

*   Homework: Communication and Storytelling: Start with Why (Book)

Each participant will be asked to come prepared to the next session to share a story with

fellow participants.

Session Four: Problem Solving and Appreciative Inquiry – November 17, 2021

•   Sharing our Stories and Understanding Our Why

•   Skill: Problem Solving with Appreciative Inquiry

•   Philanthropy and Placemaking, Octavia Yoder, LaGrange County Community Foundation; Beth Sherman, LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce

•   Community Action Projects/Seed Money, Sherri Johnston, LaGrange County EDC and Octavia Yoder, LaGrange County Community Foundation

•   Program Evaluation/Certificate of Completion, Octavia, Sherri, and Beth

* Celebration