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Amelia Johnston, Founder of GROWTH Wins 2020 Launch LaGrange County Entrepreneur Competition


LaGrange, IN (July 29, 2020) – After being postponed, students, parents, and school administration gathered at the Courthouse Gazebo for the results of the 4th annual Launch LaGrange County Competition sponsored by the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation.  The event featured 7 students representing Lakeland, Prairie Heights and Westview High Schools, pitching their business to a panel of judges earlier in the day at the LaGrange County Library Community room.


Amelia Johnston, a Prairie Heights senior was the program’s overall winner with her non-profit GROWTH.  GROWTH is a non-profit organization that was implemented for Prairie Heights Kindergarten to Second graders providing a sustainable food source in their homes.  Her pilot program distributed 200 5-gallon buckets of potatoes plants to Prairie Heights elementary students for harvest in the early fall.  She hopes to educate children at a young age about a healthy sustainable food source by bringing a garden to the students. As the winner, Amelia received $5,000 for business expenses or college tuition, and scholarship offers from six area colleges.


The runner-up Isaac Rogers attends Westview High School. Isaac pitched his business Footsie, the odor-trapping, disease-limiting solution for notoriously smelly porta-potty.  With a foot only solution, footsie reduces the amount of times users need to touch surfaces in a porta-potty, increasing overall cleanliness and reducing the chance to contract germs and subsequent illness.  For second place finish, he received a $2500 for business expenses or college tuition, and scholarship offers from six area colleges.



Riegling Sports Management founded by Lakeland graduate Jayce Riegling finished third in this year’s competition.  Riegling Sports Management is a full representation company based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Many services are offered to their athletes; however, the main focus is contract negotiating, player marketing, and financial advising.  Jayce is willing to go above and beyond to help clients spread their wings and dominate at the next level of their professional careers. Jayce received $1,000 for business expenses or college tuition, and scholarship offers from six area colleges.



Other finalists for the 2020 Launch LaGrange Program included the following:

  • Lighthouse Coffee Café -Aubree Hall from Lakeland High School
  • Evergreen Designs – Kat Walker from Prairie Heights
  • Turba – Darrion Thornburgh, graduate of Westview High School


Organizers will gather in September to start planning the 2021 Launch LaGrange event.





About the Launch LaGrange County Program

The Launch LaGrange County Program was established in 2015 as a collaboration between the LaGrange County EDC, LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce, LaGrange County Community Foundation in conjunction with Lakeland High School, Prairie Heights High School and Westview High school.  Launch LaGrange County was designed to provide LaGrange County youth with a unique, real-world entrepreneurial experience that will promote both business creation and critical skill development.


About the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation

The LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation, established in 2009, is a 501(c) 3 corporation designed to assist business development needs. The LCEDC partners with local, regional, state, and federal agencies to attract, retain, and develop new businesses and entrepreneurs in LaGrange County and its communities. For more information about the LaGrange County EDC, please visit or call at 260.499.4994.